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RSS stands for "Real Simple Syndication" (amongst other things, there are a few variations, but they all mean basically the same thing), what it means is that you can subscribe to a website and get sent updates when a new post or article is submitted. This means that you don't have to check every website you go to all the time, it will let you know when there is something new.

It works a little like e-mail, you need an RSS reader (I use Google Reader), which displays new posts for you to read. It allows you to read a lot of websites (when they have something interesting to say) all in the same place and a lot faster than it would normally take.

Here's a video from Common Craft called RSS in Plain English:

E-Mail Subscription

Before the days of RSS, mailing lists were the best way to keep updated with new website content. Our e-mail subscription service will send you new posts to our website as and when they are uploaded. So you can keep up to date with all the latest Aquaplane info. Note: This is the same as RSS subscription, but updates will be sent via e-mail instead of to your RSS reader.


Snapshots are something we're trying out here at Basically they allow you to see the page that we are linking to before you click on it. These will pop up whenever you hover over an external link. (Get more info from snapshot)

ReverbNation Widgets

You'll see reverbnation widgets on most pages on our site as well as some of our profiles on other websites. What these allow us to do is display information from one place (Our ReverbNation Profile), so that we don't have to constantly update all of the websites we are on. They also provide us with features such as a music player. that we can use on our website.

Reverb Nation are very friendly people and give half of their advertising revenue to the users of the site based on something called "Band Equity". This score is decided based on the number of fans, page views, song plays among many other metrics that they collect from all of the widgets, wherever they are on the internet. This is why we have the option to join the Reverb Nation mailing list on our site as this is how we register fans (you) with Reverb Nation. We do not ask you to spam these widgets with multiple e-mails or clicking play constantly on the music plater, but please be aware that using these legitimately will help us in the long run as we build a bigger score on Reverb Nation.

Music Player (ReverbNation)

The Reverb Nation music player allows you to easily play our songs from our website. These songs are stored on our Reverb Nation Profile and each time you play a song, it increases our band equity score. Please do not spam the widget, but be aware that we do benefit from your using it.

Mailing List (ReverbNation)

As mentioned above, we get paid by Reverb Nation based on our band equity score. One way of increasing this is to get more fans on reverbnation. We can do this via our reverbnation facebook profile (not the same as our facebook artist page as they are unable to fully integrate with facebook at the moment), bebo or via mailing list widges. Please note that we will mainly update our fans via our website (on our blog, available as RSS subscription or e-mail subscription) and also our main social networking pages, but we will sometimes send out messages from ReverbNation. This is likely to be for major updates only (less than once a month). Please sign up to help us increase our band equity score. You can also join our street team, which is managed via ReverbNation's street team services.

Show Schedule (ReverbNation)

Another Reverb Nation widget that lets us display show information as well as links to ticket selling sites. We also have this information on our gigs page, but we keep this widget on our site to improve our band equity score (see Reverb Nation Widgets section).

Any Other Questions?

If the information above wasn't useful, feel free to send us an e-mail to or drop us a message on facebook or myspace. We'll get back to you as soon as we can.


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